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AWARDS OF THE UISPP XIX° CONGRES, Meknes, September 2021

7 awards 

 For each award, 4 nominates


The call for candidates is opened on April 1st, 2020 on the Congress website

The deadline is fixed on March 31th , 2021



The award ceremony will be done during the general assembly of UISPP

The six awards


1. Honorary UISPP award 

The retired researchers with a scientific work of international renown and a huge activity as part of the UISPP are concerned.


2. Prehistory and African protohistory awards

The researchers concerned are those who have contributed significantly through archaeological excavations, rock art surveys, monographs, laboratory work, anthropological studies and synthesis books, to the knowledge of the prehistory and protohistory of Africa.


3. The programmed archaeological excavations

The archaeological sites of worldwide importance for prehistory and protohistory are concerned, with long time (more than 20 years) and exceptional quality of excavations, protection and conservation of the site, opened for visit to the large public, scientific publications, videos, etc.


4. The monograph of the archaeological site or area 

The monographic publications of archaeological sites delivering all of the stratigraphic and planigraphic recorded data, dwelling structures, artefact inventories and specialized studies (geoarchaeology, archaeozoology, archaeobotany, palaeoclimate, dates, etc.), 3D reconstructions and cultural modeling inside the territory, are all concerned.


5. The book of archaeology

The scientific books concerned are those delivering a synthesis of data and studies on a period, a territory, a transversal theme, resulting in a long-term work. Popular books for the general public are not qualified.


6. The PHD

PHDs obtained from September 2018, whose theme is marked by the scientific original and novel nature of the performed research are concerned. All the PhD dissertations should be written in the official IUPPS languqges (English or French) 

7. Archaeological mediation

Books or book collections for large public, illustrated books for young people, conservation of archaeological sites, prehistoric caves opened to the public, site museum, archaeological facsimile, Museum exhibitions, Internet sites, etc.)


The medal of the UISPP XIX° congress will be given to the nominates (26)


(1) Moreover, for the Award for the best PHD, the nominates will receive a free registration for the next Congress UISPP 2023 and the reception as a member in the UISPP scientific commission


The Jury

The Jury is composed by 5 members of the steering committee of the Congress and of the UISPP board.

Abdeljalil Bouzougar, Larbi baoudad, François Djindjian, Marta Arzarello, Luiz Oosterbeek.


Apply by clicking on this link: Nomination for the Awards of Distinction
(Form to complete and send to the Organizing Committee at the address


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