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S1-A: Remote Sensing for Endangered Archaeology: Encountering Human and Environmental Causes (0 document)
S2-A:Untold stories : women and archaeology in Africa  (0 document)
S2-B: Old excavations, new data: the use of archives and of original documentation in current archaeological research projects (0 document)
S3-A: Origin processes of the emergence of warrior societies: from inter-group conflict in Prehistory to its social roots in Proto-history. (1 document)
S3-B: L'humanité face aux changements climatiques : des origines au début des temps historiques / Humanity facing climate change : from the origins to early historical times (0 document)
S3-C: Computational Prehistory and Protohistory (0 document)
S3-D: L’enseignement universitaire de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire  (0 document)
S3-E: Post-modern archaeology versus neoprocessual archaeology : the debate (0 document)
S3-F: On the Move: Reconsidering Human Migrations in Pre- and Protohistory (0 document)
S3-G: Relations between core and periphery in Pleistocene hunter-gatherer societies, South Western Asia (0 document)
S3-H: Prehistoric occupations on river archives (0 document)
S3-I: The Role of Circulations (Trails, Paths, and Roads) in the Structuration and Resilience of Landscapes (0 document)
S3-J: Landscapes of Movement and Predation: Indigenous Responses to Colonialism and the Archaeological Record (8 documents)
S4-A: L'imagerie dans tous ses états : Architecture cranio-faciale, posture occlusale et rachidienne, appareil locomoteur. (3 documents)
S4-B: Transversality in Anthropology – Updates on methodologies, technological developments and discoveries (0 document)
S4-C: Emergence d'Homo sapiens et son contexte naturel et culturel /Emergence of Homo sapiens and its natural and cultural context (0 document)
S5-A: New methods for exploring flint mines - From producers to consumers, from Prehistory to History (0 document)
S6-A: Prehistoric sickles worldwide: techno-typology, hafting, function, cultural aspects, and symbolism (0 document)
S6-B: Traceology in the 21st Century: Contributions to Archaeological Science and the Human Journey (0 document)
S6-C: Pleistocene early weaponry technologies: a multifaceted mosaic of new evidence and behaviours (0 document)
S7-A: Patterns and causes of spatial and temporal variability during the Middle Paleolithic (0 document)
S7-B: Les premières appropriations du monde souterrain / The oldest 'mastering' of the underground world (0 document)
S7-C: Hominins in changing environments - in search of integrative perspectives (0 document)
S7-D: Discontinuity within knapping processes during the Middle Paleolithic/Middle Stone Age. (0 document)
S7-E: Examining cultural change and variability during the MSA over multiple spatial and temporal scales (0 document)
S7-F: Raw material procurement, mobility and territoriality in the Middle Palaeolithic (0 document)
S8-A: Mudbrick standardisation (0 document)
S8-B: Archaeometry of prehistoric and protohistoric stone, metal, ceramics and glass (0 document)
S9-A: Creating in tropical forests: toolkits and technical behaviours of prehistoric hunter-gatherers between 23° North and 23° South. (0 document)
S9-B: Historiography and Suspension of Indigenous Connection with Place and Object- case studies from Oceania (0 document)
S10-A: Occupation in mid-latitude Eurasia during the Last Glacial Maximum and shortly thereafter (0 document)
S10-B: Dynamics of hunter-gatherers in the western Mediterranean: Southern Europe and North Africa between 18,500-10,000 cal. BP (0 document)
S10-C: Carinated technology in focus: Reduction strategies, tool production and lithic economy in the Upper Palaeolithic (0 document)
S11-A: Hunter-gatherers in the Late Glacial World. What do we know exactly? (0 document)
S12-A: Movements, displacements, circulation and exchanges in ancient american societys (0 document)
S13-A: Meso-Neolithic Hunter-Gatherer mobility patterns (0 document)
S13-B: Hunters and farmers from both margins: Debating Mediterranean intercontinental connections during the early and middle Holocene (0 document)
S14-A: First husbandry practices in Mediterranean area (0 document)
S14-B: Les structures brûlées au Néolithique (2 documents)
S14-C: Mediterranean relations in the Neolithic / Relations méditerranéennes au Néolithique (0 document)
S15-A: Hypogéisme funéraire en Europe et en Afrique (0 document)
S15-B: Man and his companions (horse and dog) in Eurasian Graves (3rd mill. BC-1st mill. AD) (0 document)
S16-A: Les contacts entre l'Europe et le Maghreb aux âges des métaux / Contacts between Europe and the Maghreb during the Metal Ages (1 document)
S16-B: Late stone talks: Lithic Industries in Metal Ages (0 document)
S17-A: Submerged paleoenvironments and ancient remains found in wet environments (archeology and conservation) (0 document)
S18-A: “Acheulean gaps” in Africa between ~1.3 and ~1.0/0.7 Ma: questioning the absence during a key-period of human evolution (0 document)
S18-B:Lower Palaeolithic across time and space : what we are talking about? (0 document)
S18-C: Spheroids in the Paleolithic: Stories in the round (0 document)
S18-D: Multidisciplinary approaches led in Lower/Middle Palaeolithic European archaeological sequences. (0 document)
S18-E: Archaeology of the lithic procurement areas in the African Stone Age (0 document)
S18-F: Transition Pléistocène inférieur pléistocène moyen autour de la Méditerranée, approches environnementales et comportementales (0 document)
S18-G : Dynamic adaptability of core and flake technologies: A multifactorial approach to understand global palaeolithic diversity (0 document)
S19-A: Identity, Timing and Environments of the Pleistocene and Holocene Cultures in Northwest Africa (0 document)
S19-B: La circulation des métaux et des métallurgies au Maghreb pré et protohistorique: état de la recherche (0 document)
S19-C: Regards croisés sur l'Ibéromaurusien : perspectives comparatives sur les systèmes techniques des technocomplexes du bassin méditerranéen (0 document)
S19-D: Pour une archéologie de l'Atlas : ressources, itinéraires et établissements, de la Préhistoire à l'époque médiévale (0 document)
S19-E: Circulations des peuplements holocènes à l’interface de la Méditerranée, de l’Atlantique, du Maghreb et du Sahara (0 document)
S19-F: Monuments et rites funéraires holocènes et pré-islamiques du Maghreb : peuplements, cultures et influences (0 document)
S19-G: Historiographie des préhistoriens et paléontologues du Maghreb (7 documents)
S19-H: Native substrates and Cultural Contacts in the Maghreb and the Sahara from the Bronz Age to Late Antiquity (0 document)
S19-I: Arts rupestres maghrébins entre richesse et défis de conservation  (0 document)
S19-J: Native substrates and Cultural Contacts in the Maghreb and the Sahara from the Bronz Age to Late Antiquity (0 document)
S20-A: « The rivers run but soon run dry… ». Archéologie de l’eau et des précipitations dans l’iconographie saharienne préhistorique. (0 document)
S20-B: Reconstructing socio-economic and cultural dynamics from the Sahara to Mediterranean Africa during the Holocene (0 document)
S21-A: Climatic changes and human occupation of mountain environments in prehistoric and protohistoric times (0 document)
S21-B: Mountain Africa: prehistoric peoples and palaeoenvironments (0 document)
S21-C:Ancient mirrors : Always reflective and generally secretive objects of the past cultures  (0 document)
S22-A: Megaliths, landscapes and social complexification accross Europe and Africa: comparative analysis of contextualized processes (0 document)
S22-B: Archéologie et sciences connexes en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre : Apports et perspectives (0 document)
S23-A: The archaeometry of rock art: analyses, absolute dating and conservation. (0 document)
S23-B: Studying Rock Art in extreme enviroments: methods and techniques (2 documents)
S23-C: The rock art and archaeology of Macaronesian Islands (0 document)
S23-D: Archaeology, Rock Art and Caravans in Comparative Prospective. (0 document)
S23-E: Art through a changing world : climate indicators through rock art (0 document)
S23-F: Human adaptations to arid and desert environments: settlements, industries and rock art evidences (0 document)
S23-G: Archaeoacoustics - The Archaeology of Past Soundscapes in Prehistory and Protohistory. (0 document)
S24-A: The intellectual and spiritual expressions of non-literate peoples (0 document)
S25-A: Prey and Hunters: exploring subsistence strategies from the Pleistocene to the Early Holocene. (0 document)
S26-A: Pyroarchaeology from hunter-gatherer contexts to sedentary and complex societies (0 document)
S26-B: Let it burn! Experimental and Ethnoarchaeological Approaches in Pyroarchaeology (0 document)
S27-A: The management of prehistoric sites and the dynamics of contemporary societies: World Heritage and beyond (0 document)
S27-B: The conservation of archaeological sites and cultural landscapes . Panel: Archaeological heritage policies and management structures (0 document)
S27-C: Recherche, analyse de risques et préservation des sites malacologiques (1 document)
S27-D: Understanding and accessibility of pre-and proto-historical research issues: sites, museums and communication strategies. (0 document)
S28-A: Preventive archaeology and its impact on the study of past societies. Possibilities and reality (0 document)
SG1: Paléolithique inférieur et moyen (0 document)
SG2: Paléolithique supérieur et final (0 document)
SG3: Mésolithqiue (0 document)
SG4: Néolithique (0 document)
SG5: Age des métaux (0 document)
 (0 document)
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